Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Tonight at 12 o'clock I will be celebrating two great milestones! The birth of a New Year and my thirtieth year of life. This journey has allowed a more profound view and understanding for life. I have learn compassion, empathy, love, and most importantly forgiveness towards others. Although my travels here are not yet finished (God willing), it has been a long time coming for change. I appreciate the many people, may relationships, many careers, and many stories shared throughout the years. There were good times, bad times, horrific heart breaking times, as well as great triumphing times. I say that to say, regardless of your past or present situation, trouble does not last long. If you don't get anything else from life, get that it's worth living. So continue to live, love, laugh, as often as possible. In the blink of an eye, the story that is yours will conclude. How would you want your story to be told? Create yourself and be a legend within your own rights.

Peace and Love
Health Care Vigil at the LOVE Park

Health Care Vigil at the LOVE Park

Moveon.org members held a vigil at the LOVE park to remind Congress not to bargain away real medical reform. There should be public options available to all the citizens of the United States. Regardless of how you feel about the reform, everyday someone is left untreated, everyday someone cannot afford to pay for life saving prescriptions, everyday someone dies from lack of Health Care.

It is our duty as a community to look out for each others health and well being.

See the entire album below.

Healthcare Vigil

Peace and Love
Requiem of Love

Requiem of Love

Heartbreak catches it by its neck
Slowly taking its breath away
With each push of Heartbreak’s palms
The blood vessels seems to snap away

Heartbreak unlocked its filthy hands
Dropped Love to its knees
With an evil smirk

Love on bended knees
Struggled for the air it breaths

Satisfied with the outcome
Of Love’s lost

A shrilling laughter explodes
From Heartbreaks throat

With one hard kick to the gut
Heartbreak made love buckled
Twisted over and then fold

Now laying there with eyes wide open
Love pleaded to the mercy of Heartbreak

Heartbreak has no heart
The pleasure of killing love
Was love enough

Tears of pain flows freely from love
As it accepts its fate
It prayed for a painless death
And laid there defeated

Heartbreak has no pity
With one dark blow to the head
Love was left there

(Archived 11/07)
Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory

I think there is a plot
To deter me from whom I am, sometimes
Make me lose my mind and my composure

To make me come out of character
To get angry and become bitter

I think there is a plot sometimes
To make me lose all self control
To become engulfed with rage

To make me doubt my self worth
To make me feel trapped, like in a cage

I think there is a plot at this moment
Cause' I lost my mind
Pushed back a couple of steps behind

Slowly sinking back in time
To when there was a plot
To deter me from whom I am.

(Archived 7/07)
I was in love with a musician

I was in love with a musician

He strummed the strings
to my heart
strummed every line
with soft strokes
easing his fingers
on the strings of my heart

He sang softly
to me
Sang to the core
of my soul
humming the tunes
to my world
in my eyes
sang through my soul

Then he changed the tune
tied my heart into knots
sweet rhythm
from the flute
the rhythm
so divine
there in time

As softly as it came
the pounding
of his drum
pounded rhythm
of destruction
from what was once
just a soft strum

(Archived 11/07)
Vare Middle School Purge Day

Vare Middle School Purge Day

The community assisted the staffs of Vare Middle School with cleaning up. I am very happy that a lot of children showed up for this event. However the number of parent volunteers are still staggeringly low. As I've stated before Vare Middle School is my heart. It was tough attending that school and it was a bitter sweet experience. It is a school that I would love to help reform and ensure that the children attending now can have a better experience.

Photo a day

Photo a day

My photo a day blog is harder than I thought it would be. This is not due to the lack of my not wanting to take pictures but more so in the lack of time. I will be revising that "Photo a day" to "Photo of the week".

This message has been approved. :)
Photo a Day

Photo a Day

I'm starting "Photo a Day" this allows me to critique my work and branch out into other areas of Photography. Each day I will post something new. Enjoy!

I find this doorway very interesting. I feel like I am looking at another culture instead of South Philly.
Wynnefield Basketball Competition

Wynnefield Basketball Competition

Kudos to these men who has put in time and effort in mentoring these young boys.

"The Wynnefield Basketball League is a community based volunteer developed league organized by the organization that I founded called The Men of Wynnefield. Every coach donates his own time and money for the league. It's strictly a grass roots effort." Will Mega.

From Basketball View

From Basketball View

From Basketball View

From Basketball View

From Basketball View
Social Butterfuly Network Event

Social Butterfuly Network Event

We Explored Olde City art galleries with the girls then enjoy a night out in the city. For more information, visit www.socialnetworkbutterfly.com or email me (heng.sophie@gmail.com) to join the Philadelphia Chapter. All is welcome!Girls Only!

From Night Out View

The City is extra beautiful at night!

From Night Out View

It was a nice crowd.

From Night Out View
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