Happy New Year 2010

Tonight at 12 o'clock I will be celebrating two great milestones! The birth of a New Year and my thirtieth year of life. This journey has allowed a more profound view and understanding for life. I have learn compassion, empathy, love, and most importantly forgiveness towards others. Although my travels here are not yet finished (God willing), it has been a long time coming for change. I appreciate the many people, may relationships, many careers, and many stories shared throughout the years. There were good times, bad times, horrific heart breaking times, as well as great triumphing times. I say that to say, regardless of your past or present situation, trouble does not last long. If you don't get anything else from life, get that it's worth living. So continue to live, love, laugh, as often as possible. In the blink of an eye, the story that is yours will conclude. How would you want your story to be told? Create yourself and be a legend within your own rights.

Peace and Love



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