Stop the Violence Dance Competition

Stop the Violence Dance Competition

This event showed a beautiful turnout. It was wonderfully coordinated on telling their stories on violence and prevention, through graceful dancing and sometimes just outright fun. Too many children are dying or heading that way. We have to keep the peace and it starts with ourselves.

The host was funny.

This dance group started it off. It was light and fun.

This group was my all time favorite. Their words were powerful and made me a little emotional. I don't remember the exact words but it was a message of peace. It was uplifting and inspiring.

The teenagers were creative on the school bully subject, think before you react, in real life you cannot rewind time to undue harm done upon someone, especially a fatal one.

The next group of kids just did some good ol' fashion ballet. They were graceful and beautiful in every step that were taken.

The next group of kids told a love story.

Then they switched it into straight funky dance moves.

The organizers spoke about the mission of this competition.

The winners!

They are all WINNERS!

Peace and love.
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