Bragging Moment: Legend Billy Paul

Bragging Moment: Legend Billy Paul

"Sophie, I really wish you much success with your Photography. I really do." Billy Paul said to me. He is truly inspirational. The Indikator interviewed him for Enter the Zone TV and guess where it was at? My studio and I got back stag passes! I won't spoil anything else before it airs, so check out Enter the Zone TV for air time.

I can say however that Billy Paul was a very down to earth man. He spoke of how to make it in the music industries, the new artists, advice on marriage and the road that lead to him being legend Billy Paul.

Personal Development: Black Male Development Symposium

Personal Development: Black Male Development Symposium

"You said all teachers care about us but I had a teacher tell me that they get paid regardless if we learn or not." A young man addressed his concerns.
"Yup," Several others chimed in.
"That's their favorite line." Another young man said.
"That's why we are telling you don't make excuses. If the teacher is saying that, your response should be, 'Well we'll learn weather or not you teach.'" Hassan Freeman pointed out. "Take responsibility and take charge of your own education. If they are not teaching you, you need to teach yourself. That's why the text books are there. Read it."

The session on personal development allowed for the young men of Martin Luther King High School to 'Keep it real' with members of Men United for a Better Philadelphia and Reuben Jones. They kept it 100 with each other and the young men were digging it. One raised his hands and ask that they come speak at their school.

Incarceration, 2nd chances and steps to personal development was the main topic. The men engaged each other on real life issues that they faced in school and society.

The panel engaging the audience.

They stuck around long after the workshop ended to speak freely to each of the presenters.

Flow Wit  It: Spoken Word & Hip Hop As a Means of Expression

Flow Wit It: Spoken Word & Hip Hop As a Means of Expression

Poets for Peace: The Spoken Soul 215 along with Philly Youth Slam provided a workshop for High School students at the Black Male Development Symposium at Arcadia University.

Greg Corbin AKA Just Greg expressing himself through spoken words. Help support this man and his efforts to providing a positive outlet through spoken words poetry as a means of expression and as a positive alternative to violence.
Spoken Soul 215

Perry DiVirgilio AKA Vision deep in performance as he spits out lyrics for the young adults.
Spoken Soul 215: Vision

More members free styling to the audience's request. These two poets are really dope. Unfortunately I couldn't get video clips of their performance but don't sleep on them. Find out for yourself and attend one of their events.
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