365 Days Photo Journey: Day 10

Note: Due to technical difficulties I was not able to take my photo a day. But now I am back up and running. Hopefully this will not be the case in the near future. My 365 Days Photo Journey continues where I left off and I will have 365 days worth of photos. I will not cheat. Cheating is not allowed. Enjoy!

I was out shopping and I saw the sun setting in the horizons. The orange, yellowish hues cascading off of the clouds created a beautiful view. It reminded me of an earlier moment in the day in which I sat staring off into space. The cool breeze blew in an air of nostalgia and I started to reminisce on the good and the bad that I've experienced in my life. I was appreciating life, the journey, and the future. I am grateful as I sat and self reflected on all of the accomplishments I have made throughout the years. I am thankful because I know that my journey has no limit and the Sky is my stomping grounds. So today resolve to self reflect and set limits beyond the sky.

Peace and love.



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August 14, 2010 at 1:29 AM

the pic is extremely beautifully shot, esp. the yellow sky with the dark clouds looks stunning

August 18, 2010 at 8:07 AM

ooo i thought you would still take pictures even though your comp wasn't working. i know i'm not going to have a full 365 days worth of photos since i'm going by the calender from the day i started. some days i just don't feel inspired. that's why i have some missing days haha!

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