365 Days Photo Journey: Day 11

Self Portrait equals Self Evaluation. In this photo, I am showing off how uncomfortable I am in front of a camera. My smile is phony and I was slouching. There were a dozen more of these terrible shots of myself either looking bored, mean, dead, ugly, or other. This is the winner. Yes, I am my own worse critic. I evaluate myself daily. I am hard on myself because I know I have the potential to be better or do better. I am aware of my flaws and I have many. But not many people evaluate themselves honestly. They pacify their egos and feed their lies. For those of you out there that are aware and are constantly self evaluating yourselves for a better you, KUDOS. Others please resolve to make positive changes within, tear yourself apart, list your good qualities, list your bad qualities, but be brutally honest. Some times you are your own worst enemy so learn and strategize on ways to beat YOU and start building a better you.

Peace and Love



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August 18, 2010 at 8:08 AM

so true Woman! I need to do some self evaluation as well.

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