365 Days Photo Journey: Day 14

I am giving up on the business suits, cubicles, and corporate world today to do work that I am passionate about. Helping youths, those who may need the extra guidance and life skills that are not provided to them due to their economic and social disadvantage. Change is scary but I believe in my heart of heart that this is the right decision that I am making. I don't want to sit at my cubicle one day and wonder what if? "If only I had..." is not a legacy I want to leave behind. I want to be able to follow my dreams and express my passion to the fullest. I want to take a chance and walk the road that is less traveled. I hope that road leads to happiness. Today, resolve to put aside your fears and follow your dreams, realize your passion and just do it.

Peace and Love.

(Photo: I am experimenting with different techniques. I thought this effect was cool)



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August 18, 2010 at 3:31 AM

Each day I read your "365 Day Blog" and I am moved by your passion for and belief in life and all its infinite possibilities. I feel the pain and joy in your words, but most of all I feel like I cannot wait to read the next entry. You are a woman of depth and good character...how rare that is today. Respect to you Sophie Heng

August 18, 2010 at 8:14 AM

Nice effect. It's like seeing your adventure unfolding in a comic book.

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