365 Days Photo Journey: Day 17

When people, things, and events in life starts to bother me I find comfort in writing out my thoughts and feelings. I am inspired by problems, troubles, adversity, dilemmas, injustice, and drama. I don't like any of those mentioned things so I speak on why I don't like it. My passionate views comes out by way of blogging or journal entries. I hope to write more passionately about the happier views in life such as love, friendship, loyalty, inspirations, goals and dreams. But for now I speak out on topics that others shy away from because they are afraid of the judgments and ridicules. I choose to exercise my freedom of speech. I am entitled to my opinions and I will speak my mind. Today I encourage you to speak out for those who may not have the courage to speak. "Stand for something, or else you will fall for anything." Quote by Malcolm X.

Peace and Love



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