We have an Angel overlooking our house during Christmas time. She has been with us for a good couple of years now since the start of my new life. Tonight I can't help but reflect on some Angels that have come into my life and has made some type of contribution. It could be a word of encouragement, sharing with me a little part of you, reading my rants, poetry and stories, or just being there. Angels to me are people who have taught me, listened to me, and inspired me. They are people who are a part of my social site circles, my readers, my friends, my family, some of my co-workers, my adopted-not-by-choice kids, and my students. I am grateful for all of the Angels in my life and I hope that the relationships will grow and blossom for however long it was meant to last. "People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime." So for what ever reasons you are here now reading this blog, I appreciate you. Remember to cherish one another.

Peace and Love,



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