I was covering my wedding on City Line Ave when I discovered that I have lost my flash unit. Panic sets in as I trace my steps and realizing that I was in Philly, despair sets in. If I did indeed dropped it someone would have picked it up and it will be forever gone. A good chunk of my Photography career investment, gone.

Luckily the front desk told me to check with the two officers that were standing around in the lobby. They were there to find the owner of a missing flash unit. It sure was my flash unit! We were united and they saved my night.

Being the investigative person that I am, I asked them what happened. Fortunately for me a family saw that I had dropped the unit during my mad dash to the reception and someone picked it up and pocketed it. They informed the two officers that he had something that did not belong to him and they reunited the item to the rightful owner. KUDOS to the City Line Ave Police Officers. Thank you Angels.

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