Life Unscripted: Short Stories of Everyday Women/Every Moment Counts.

Excerpt from "Every Moment Counts."

“I hope you know what you are doing?” Jennifer said to her daughter. She couldn’t mask the disappointment she was feeling about Kim’s decision. “Use your head Kim! Is this really what you want to do right now?”
Kim instinctively reached for her belly. She already felt over protective of the life growing inside of her. She was seeking her mother’s blessings and approval of this unborn child but her mother was making her feel terrible for her decision to go ahead with the pregnancy.

She understood that her mother disagreed with her decision based on her religious beliefs. Kim has those same beliefs too. She understood that her mother may worry about what the congregation will think of her daughter, but she is a 28 year old woman who is capable of making adult decisions. She has made a lot of good decisions in her life. She is where she needs to be and is capable of caring for a child on her own. She believed that God has chosen to bless her with the miracle of life. God has entrusted her with a beautiful gift and there’s no mistakes about her child.

Out of respect for her mother, Kim could not bring herself to argue with her. She respected her mother’s opinions but she wanted her mother to respect her decision. She did not want her mother to try to change her mind. She wanted her mother to prepare for a grandchild. It was hurting her deeply that her mother was rejecting her child. It was also irritating that her mother was trying to force her to change her mind.

“You are still young. Why are you rushing to have a baby? There is plenty of time left to have a baby. Where is the father now? Is he going to marry you? If he marries you, this would save you a lot of embarrassment!”

Kim felt her mother’s words lashing at her. The words seemed to cut deep into her flesh and every cut hurt. The pain seemed to reach deep into her soul and she began to cry.

“This is not the time for you to start breaking down!” Jennifer stated coldly.


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