"Life Unscripted: Short Stories of Everyday Women" Now Available.

Life Unscripted: Short Stories of Everyday Women takes a journey with five different women as they struggle to understand life and themselves.

Dana struggles with her identity as a mother and a wife. She fears that she is losing herself and in her search for self discovery will she lose her family?

A woman regrets the lost of a childhood friend. She finds herself writing letters as a means of therapy. Can she fix years of estranged relationship?

Angie turns to her friend Connie for support and understanding through her separation, but first she must admit the lies involved in her relationship that she dared not admit before.

Alayshia finds herself drawn to a local prostitute who was admitted to the hospital for injuries. Somehow she feels obligated to help her walk the straight and narrow path. With so many naysayers in both of their lives will the relationship work?

Kim seeks her mother's support and blessing as she chooses to raise a child on her own. Her mother is determined to change Kim's mind.


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