Day 1 of 365: Cotton and Beads

It's a cold start to my attempt at the 365 Photo a Day Challenge. With the temperature dipping to 12 degrees and the wind shield at God knows what, the challenge for me is not only about finding creativity but getting over the hurdle of being lazy. I don't feel like doing anything! I am feeling like a grumpy overwhelmed bear who would love to be left alone for the rest of the winter as I hibernate in my warm den. Ah sleep, something that I feel deprived off but don't need anymore because sleep makes me feel nonproductive. Lord knows being nonproductive is the death of me and I usually love the saying, "I can sleep when I die." But if I don't sleep, I will be a mean bear. Nobody likes a mean bear. So please wish me luck as I "TRY" to post a photo a day.

Always with peace and love,




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