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Tell your Negative Thoughts to go away!

We are our own worst enemies at times. We stop ourselves from achieving greatness because we often listen to that little negative voice in our head. It tells us that we are not good enough, it compares us to other pioneers in our fields and it loves to pick apart all of our dreams and ideas. When dealing with that pessimistic mindset we analyze everything that could go wrong so we delay that dream and wait until the perfect time. Days, months and sometimes years go by and that dream is collecting dust, stored away in the deep corners of our mind somewhere, slowly vanishing away. We may not ever revisit that dream, remember it or even think about it ever again. It may be lost forever if we let ourselves tell us we can't when indeed we CAN.

Let's look at Stephen King and the journey of his book, Carrie. He wrote the book in 1974 and even gave up on it himself after it was rejected 30 times. His wife believed in his work, rescuing the manuscript from the trash and asked him to resubmit. It was picked up by Doubleday Publishing for $2,500 but the setback wasn't over. It only sold 13,000 copies. The paperback rights were sold to Signet Books and it went on to sell over a million copies in its first year. To date, it has sold more than 350 million copies and the Movie produced by MGM in 1976 grossed $33,800,000.

Let's start dreaming again! Start planning your daily, monthly and yearly goals. I have created 2018 The Journey Begins: Bullet Journal to help you get started. No matter what tools you use to help you plan your goals, stop listening to those negative thoughts and start thinking positive. You can do it. I am your biggest cheerleader.


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